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Doctor Who A-Z

  1. Abzorbaloff (Played by Peter Kay; a character made to suit him. Abzorbaloff is not the real name for the species, but he liked the doctors suggestion)

  2. Beast (Possibly the devil ... not from this universe)

  3. Cybermen (emotionless ... part man, part machine)

  4. Daleks (Squid inside robotic form)

  5. Empty Child (World War 2 child transformed by space junk)

  6. Face of Boe (Good Guy ... literally a big face in a jar)

  7. Graske (Horned Aliens)

  8. Haemovore (ultimate descendant of man ... apparently, vampire like creature)

  9. Ice Warrior (Reptile like creature)

  10. Judoon (Space Rhinos)

  11. Krillitane (Flying gargoyl)

  12. Dr. Lazarus (made himself into a scorpion like creature

  13. Macra (big crab)

  14. Nestene (big plastic consciousness)

  15. Ood (essentially nice creatures created to serve man, but taken over by the beast)

  16. Plasmavore (steals the plasma/blood of a victim in order to be more like the victim, looks human)

  17. Quest (The Infinite Quest is currently being played on Totally Doctor Who on CBBC)

  18. Racnoss (Big spider like creature that the time lords killed off)

  19. Slitheen (big green killing machines that hide inside 'fat suits' ... fat peoples skin)

  20. TARDIS (the machine that the Doctor 'travels' in ... 'Time And Relative Dimension In Space')

  21. U...

  22. Victoria (Queen Victoria was infected with a couple of cells of the werewolf Alien)

  23. Werewolf (Successive humans infected by Alien Cells trying to regrow into a complete alien)

  24. X...

  25. Yeti (Robot Yeti not a real one ... in the Second series)

  26. Zygon (Shape changing humanoids, in Loch Ness ... guess what they drove around in!)

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